Alternatives for erectile dysfunction include hypnosis and acupuncture.

Studies have show positive results for hypnosis for erectile dysfunction

In 1996, a study found men (with ED) who received a placebo had a 39% improvement in sexual function…mind over matter, right?

The success rates of testosterone and trazodone treatment and hypnotic suggestions an improvement in sexual function were 60%, 67% and 80% respectively.  I feel when you add the placebo numbers, the power of suggestion  was the clear winner.

Study note: the goal was to examine the effects of hypnotic suggestions or the administration of testosterone or trazodone to impotent men with no detectable organic cause for the impotence. The study comprised of 79 men in who clinical and laboratory examinations revealed no organic cause for their impotence: 20 men (men age 38.7=/- 11.47 years) received testosterone, 21 men (mean age 39.5 =- 10.73 years) received trazodone, 20 men (mean age 34.2 =/- 11.69 years) underwent hypnosis and 18 men (mean age 39.1 =/- 11.46 years served as controls.They were assessed by interview 4, 6 and 8 weeks after starting treatments: the patients’ reports were verified by interviewing their partners. (Department of Urology, Medical School of Yuzuncu Yil University, Van, Turkey)

Placebo is a form of hypnosis in that when a person is given a substance, maybe even a pill that looks like ED medication, they can decide that it will help you, and it will.  That is hypnosis.

Another study was conducted the following year (1997) and found that men who received a placebo had a 43-47% improvement in sexual function. The success rates of acupuncture and hypnotic suggestions were 60% and 75% respectively.

Study Note: this study examined the effects of acupuncture and hypnotic suggestions, and compared them with placebo in the treatment  of male sexual dysfunction with no detectable organic cause. The study comprised of 15 men (mean age 36.7 +/- 10.43 years) who received acupuncture treatment, 16 men (mean age 38.4 =/- 1-.75 years) who underwent hypnosis and 29 men (mean age 36.2 =/- 11.38 years who served as controls. They were interviewed periodically; the patients’ reports were verified by interviewing their partners. (Scandanavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, 1997)

More alternatives include a healthier lifestyle which hypnosis can create as well, other ideas are at this link.

Hypnosis for erectile dysfunction works to create a relaxation response around the sexual activity and also employ imagery of a positive experience that is reoccurring.

Is This Your Current Thinking About Your Situation?

I’m a man. I have to push through. Nothing is ever wrong. I can handle it. I can do it.   But that really isn’t true. There may be one thing you can’t do and that is get an erection. And you don’t talk about it, do you?

It’s time to man up and find out some basic facts about your current ED situation. For one, the problem may not be in your penis, but your head. And if so, I can correct that easily, painlessly and naturally. And if it is in your penis, then a urologist can guide you to another solution.

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The Happiness Hypnotist, Valerie Grimes

So how can you free yourself from the worry, embarrassment or guilt over not being able to perform sexual?  Call Valerie for a consultation. 972-974-2094.

You owe it to yourself and your partner to find out about this alternative to denial or giving up.