Being and Feeling Vital In The Modern World

When you are seeking a better understanding of something one usually doesn’t have to look far to find new insights. This was what I experienced when I wanted to gain perspective on aging.

April 2nd my mom, Patti, celebrated her 79th birthday with me at Possum Kingdom State Park.

She is my mom and I don’t think of her as incapable because she really has never been. So when she wanted to hike we did, up hills and over rocks, slowly for sure, sometimes very slow for me but I took a deep breath and remembered just how very lucky my sisters and I are to have a healthy and vital mom. And I realized I have someone to study, to find the answer to how she is still so mobile, happy and purpose driven.

Is it her physical body that propels her? Is it her mind? Is it her attitude? It is all of course, but I feel the attitude was first.

Reflecting back on when she turned 60 I asked her what she thought about that age and she said, “I just pretended to be 50.” And it worked.  

At the senior center where she lives, she is the one using the stairs, going to Pilates, and driving the other residents who can’t get along on their own to their doctor appointments, she also goes to my sister’s home several times a week to help out with her granddaughter. She has stayed active but it is also her active mind, recently she became interested in Creation Ministries and worked on getting her church to present this concept, she also travels to other churches to teach as well. She teaches English to Asian students and a bible class to infants.

Vital living is about physical movement as well as having an engaging mind and a desire to learn something new. And I believe they drive each other.

Patti’s sparkling personality, her purpose, which is a plan of helping others succeed is vital living (at any age) and physical movement keep her moving in a positive direction. I feel she will remain this way into her 90s. This phase of her life seems more relevant than the motherhood phase because she has all that wisdom, experience and patience now to teach to many.

Some may say she was born this way and so it is easy for her, but I disagree, she has worked through many conflicts and overcame physical ailments and financial hardships the underpinning for her was her religious beliefs. I believe some people decide that being older means slow, tired, and hurting and those beliefs can be changed with hypnosis. Additionally releasing past hurts, resentments, and anger can free your spirit to create a more happy life. And hypnosis can help uncover lost dreams and talents that could be developed at this new phase of life.

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