Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How Hypnosis Can Help.

It’s not in your penis*, it’s in your head. Yes that head, on top of your shoulders.

hypnosis and erectile dysfunctionPrime psychological factors for erectile dysfunction are the state of the relationship between yourself and your partner, and any stresses or strains you may be under in your personal, social or working life. Or, a once in a while performance issue. Every man will experience what it’s like not to get an erection. And then you might get stuck on the question “What if it happens again?”

When that question is running in your mind:

  • it causes stress – it’s hard to get or maintaining an erection when you are stressed
  • it gets you mentally rehearsing going it wrong – which increases the stress level
  • it makes you TRY to use your conscious mind to obtain an erection – exactly the opposite of what naturally happens.

*Once you have ruled out a medical condition, hypnosis helps you

Learn how to switch off negative thoughts and emotions and turn on arousal.

You can learn how to stop ruminating on the past and consciously willing an erection by handing back control to your unconscious mind through hypnosis sessions.

How Does Hypnosis Help to Balance an Emotional State so Sexual Performance Improves?

The deeply relaxing hypnosis sessions will help calm down the stressful emotional arousal that has become associated with sexual activity and…

  • restore control of sexual function to your unconscious mind
  • reduce any anxiety about sexual performance
  • re-establish the spontaneous response pattern behind erection
  • bring back all the fun and pleasure of good sex

Hypnosis also helps you,
To discover underlying conflicts,
To resolve feelings about past events, like anger and resentment and sexual guilt.

More about Hypnosis and ED

Is This Your Current Thinking About Your Situation?

I’m a man. I have to push through. Nothing is ever wrong. I can handle it. I can do it.   But that really isn’t true. There may be one thing you can’t do and that is get an erection. And you don’t talk about it, do you?

It’s time to man up and find out some basic facts about your current ED situation. For one, the problem may not be in your penis, but your head. And if so, I can correct that easily, painlessly and naturally. And if it is in your “equipment”, then a urologist can guide you to another solution.

valerie grimes, hypnotist in dallasSo how can you free yourself from the worry, embarrassment or guilt over not being able to perform sexual?  Call Valerie for a consultation 972-974-2094. Or read more about it.

You owe it to yourself and your partner to find out about this alternative to denial or giving up.