What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Unhealthy habits that lead to poor circulation can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

hypnosis and alcohol There are 4 factors that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  One a serious medial condition, or aging, unhealthy lifestyle and psychological factors.   This article focuses on unhealthy lifestyle and how hypnosis can create a new healthier lifestyle.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking too much, poor diet, poor sleep and lethargy are all fixable reasons you may be experiencing ED. Note: the penis becomes erect because the blood is flowing, all the above habits can cause restricted blood flow.

Habits Can Be Broken.

A habit is something that your brain learned to do and at the time was something that filled a need or made sense at some level.  However, over time doing too much of one thing creates an imbalance and even though it makes conscious sense to stop a habit, your brain is wired to repeat it day after day.  But because you learned the habit you can also UN-learn it.  However motivation is required.

stop smoking imageSo how badly to you want to perform well sexually?  Bad enough to stop smoking? Bad enough to start exercising regularly? Bad enough to give up caffeine so you can sleep better?  Those are the questions to ask yourself and when the answer is YES then hypnosis can help you rapidly UN-learn that old counter productive habit.

Breaking Bad Habits with Hypnosis.

erectile dysfunction and weight lossHow does hypnosis work to break a habit?  First it is your decision to stop a habit which is also strongly motivated, a really good emotional reason must drive it. Next, you must be open to hypnosis (a hypnotist can’t get you to do something you really don’t want to do-so you can relax in the process). And lastly, you have to feel comfortable with the hypnotist. After a positive response to those areas, hypnosis uses your imagination and emotions to create new ideas, images, or feelings associated with a new activity such as riding a bike, or eating nutritious fresh and flavorful foods. This is repeated through hypnosis recordings (MP3s) so that the brain learns the new idea, it then begins to play out in the conscious awake life experience.

The complimentary consultation explains how and why hypnosis is the ideal way to overcome the unhealthy habits so that Erectile Dysfunction becomes an old “habit” as well.  Call Valerie at 972-974-2094 for your confidential discussion. Or read more about it.