Parents can affect the genes of their child after birth.

And you can affect your genes after your parent.

If we look back at the first article on Epigenetics where I made the point that it is our environment that influences much of us rather than Darwinism theories and or one’s hard wire belief in genetic programming then this statement hits a little harder.

How is this?  A child is very “suggestible” (open to information) until they are about 8 years old.  So if the main caretaker tells them they are wonderfully intelligent, and a great problem solver, they tend to believe it. If this direct* statement is then backed up with nonverbal clues and then repeated it can permanently alter that child’s reality (or life script), even if the child was born with a known deficiency that would normally prevent him from being such (*indirect statements and imprints are just as powerful).

“Fundamental behaviors, beliefs and attitudes we observe in our parents (even in vitro) become hardwired as synaptic pathways in our subconscious mind where they become our biology until we make an effort to re-program them” (Dr. Bruce Lipton).

But please don’t go blaming your parents, or feeling guilt about your own parenting.  Remember cells are learning agents so it is never to late to turn something around.  Thoughts are things, this concept has been proven time and time again in the field of Quantum Physics, so if you want to know more about this, then read up on it. I have also seen remarkable changes in the realities of my client’s lives using the same concept of repeated information while in a suggestible state.  So now you are a little more aware of how your cells learn, what will you do with that awareness?

Remember this:

You are personally responsible for everything in your life that happens once you become aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life.


How to become aware?
Begin my writing your daily activities connected to a specific area of improvement (it can be an exercise or food intake diary, or a self talk diary). You will want to review at the end of the day and decide for the next day what you want to change.  Be sure to state the benefit of the change so the motivation kicks in.

This article is from the Valerie Grimes archives and is one in a series to be featured over the next six weeks connecting hypnosis and biology. In a way…A ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ SPECIAL