Take Advantage of Your Cell’s Growth Potential. Use Hypnosis.

My sister the science writer refers to cells as “learning agents” and I’m going to adopt that phrase (thank you VN Alexander).  

Right now, what are your cells learning?  It depends on what is being communicated from the top down (your brain and the cells own brain-the membrane).

Let’s say you are fearful of spiders and seeing one creates tightness in your chest and an increased heart rate.  Did your body (its cells) learn this from an actual experience or merely from watching someone else react to a spider? GOOD QUESTION

Let’s say you witnessed a parent’s reaction to a spider, which was fearful.  This perceived fear (not real, since you have yet to have your own personal encounter with a spider) creates a fear response which teaches the cells to move away from spiders and to set up a physical response like an increased heart rate.

Now, if you had the direct experience of a one-on-one encounter with a spider and were bitten then you also learned that a spider is associated with pain and so learned to avoid them, the body reminds you of this with its physical manifestations just as in the first scenario.  The same response:  but one imagined and one real. Really?

REALLY. Dr. Bruce Lipton created experiments in the 1980s to prove that our perception of things, which we believe to be true, affects us at a chemical level creating the final physical response. And I see it every day in my hypnosis sessions when I say “imagine your eyes lids are too heavy to lift and they client realizes they are.”

So if our bodies think it is real it goes to work to prepare us to run away from the threat.  But there is no real threat, usually.  In other words we use our imagination to create a response in the body.  That is the same thing I do with hypnosis.  In a trance state you imagine a new response, which is learned in the same way as the original perceived fear. This techniques allows people to easily overcome their fears as well as their reaction in stressful situations.  The possibilities are really endless.
Remember this: anything you learned you can unlearn.


Every day numerous cells wear out and will be replaced, will they just inherit the same information, or do you take advantage the moment-by-moment opportunity for the new cells to learn a new way to experience something?  We are already wired for growth and protection.

Did you know the protein receptor of a cell naturally gravitates towards nourishment (growth mode) and away from toxins (protection mode), unless the central nervous system overrides this (that info comes from our perception of events).

So let’s get in on this and create an attitude with actions that match what we are already set up to do naturally.

If we seek out activities that add growth to our life such as joyful and fulfilling hobbies, events and social gatherings we stimulate the growth process. That is why in my opinion people get healthier when they are in a good environment.

In contrast fearful thinkers are in protection mode and don’t see that which allows them to grow which is why it seems they are more prone to illness and also age faster (in my observation).

This article is from the Valerie Grimes archives and is one in a series to be featured over the next six weeks connecting hypnosis and biology. In a way…A ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ SPECIAL