When did alcohol become an addiction?

You may not know but your subconscious mind does. Hypnosis reaches the subconscious.

hypnosis for alcohol addictionFor many people the only way to cope with racing thoughts, financial pressure and boredom is to use alcohol and the moment we decide we feel better, the addiction starts. Then the next time we have a feeling of uneasiness we reach for what we think works and it quickly becomes a pattern that is difficult to stop.

Hypnosis is a way to stop the pattern.

One client referred to himself as a ‘career drinker,’ but didn’t see the subconscious message of that in its full meaning. He chose to drink when a big disappointment hit early in life and compromised his security, chaos ensued and alcohol soothed. Later in life there were many chaotic situations and at some point the chaos justified the drinking, an interesting turn in rationalization. So the path of chaos was subconscious chosen.

Another client drank nightly to avoid the elephant in the room. Trapped in a relationship that was boring, but not comfortable expressing his needs so he drank to forget. What is interesting is the subconscious strategy for drinking…if I don’t drink I might jeopardize the relationship without realizing that drinking compromising the self. Our focus in hypnosis was to gain confidence to express needs, wants and desires and to put his needs first. The motivation shifted to that of good health and long life rather than trying to feel comfortable in a problematic relationship.

Hypnosis in both cases gave these clients the perspective they needed to be able to shift the drinking pattern. However finding the cause of the drinking isn’t all, we then work to help the subconscious become comfortable and familiar with the new behavior of not drinking, or of only having one drink and being comfortable.

Self-Hypnosis Shows 77 Percent Success Rate for Drug Addiction

Treatment has been used with 18 clients over the last 7 years and has shown a 77 percent success rate for at least a 1-year follow-up. Fifteen were being seen for alcoholism or alcohol abuse, 2 clients were being seen for cocaine addiction, and 1 client had a marijuana addiction.

Potter, Greg. “Intensive Therapy: Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders.” American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Jul 2004.

Hypnosis May Help You End Your Bad Relationship with Alcohol.

Even though it is bad for us, we come back to the comfort of a daily ritual.  Hypnosis can help to break the ritual by sorting out the “WHY” of that ritual.

Even though the daily drinking is a habit and there is now a strong physical chemical response to drive that habit, finding out what started it all is a big step towards breaking down the pattern. Find out WHY you started to drink.

No miracle cure.

The person that is drinking daily must decide they want to stop.  And the motivation can be emotionally increased with hypnosis to the point that the new reason to not drink becomes the driver, thus driving the new behavior, which overtime builds new patterns that make doing the healthier behavior more effortless.

Hypnosis also is excellent for increasing self-esteem and providing support and encouragement from within.

The most important thing to understand in getting off alcohol is that the subconscious mind will avoid that which is perceived to be uncomfortable which is the unknown.  In our sessions we use imagery to make more comfortable and known a life without alcohol.

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Try Hypnosis For Addiction and Other Modern Day Problems

  • Fragmented Relationships
  • Hard to Make a Decision/To Focus/Racing Thoughts
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Isolating
  • Fear of future
  • Loss of Control/Hopelessness
  • Pressure to Succeed/Make More Money
  • Exhaustion-Physical Ailments
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Lack of Creativity/Resourcefulness
  • No Personal Time
  • No Quality Time with Children/Loved Ones