If you suffer from depression hypnosis can help, here’s how it works.

Many people do not know that hypnosis helps with depression.
Depression is unexpressed emotions that result in stuck energy and our brain and body finding a way to cope with that.  Many people seek relief in a bottle of alcohol, in a piece of cake, in a cigarette; some retreat and stop being themselves.
I’m am not a psychologist, but as a hypnotist I do know that releasing the unexpressed emotion can free the person from their depressed pit.  And hypnosis is a natural, safe and comfortable way to do that.

It all begins with relaxation, which is designed to bring the subject into an alpha state.  Simply closing the eyes and taking a few deep breaths can take a person into a light alpha state.  Other induction techniques are used to deepen the alpha state (and in some cases to induce theta waves) and further focus the mind.  A fractional relaxation induction focuses on suggestions to relax the body one area at a time, often beginning at the top of the head and moving all the way down to the feet and toes.  By concentrating on relaxing the different areas of the body, three things are accomplished.  First, the subject becomes more relaxed and moves into a deeper brainwave state.  Second, the person’s awareness becomes highly focused on the process of relaxing to the exclusion of all else.  And thirdly, the conscious mind begins to take a secondary role to the subconscious, which comes to the forefront of the mind. Being in this state then allows access to one’s inner world where they connect with their Best Self and restore inner control to their outer world.

Seasonal Affective Disorder happens around this time of year.

My theory is simple:

-Holidays are a lot of pressure
-We are eating more sugar and wheat
-We are not as active/lack of sunshine

My CURE.  Go outside and take a walk.  I found this grove of pine trees in Alvord, Texas at the National Grasslands.  And an afternoon of walking there cured my SAD.
hypnosis for depression
Link to Grasslands Site- LBJ Grasslands Area

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