Do you fear the future? Hypnosis helps.

How do you feel about the future? Hell what about tomorrow?

A recent report on NPR stated that a large percentage of the US population fear retirement, mostly because of the lack of financial support. While that may be true on some levels, our current perception, it does not necessarily have to be true AT ALL.

What we fear tends to be realized. Or what focus on follows. That is a very limiting and self-defeating idea. So if you buy into the fear, at retirement you will be still fearful.

When did you develop fear?

Gee, when was there not fear in our lives, our society seems to breed it. I don’t listen to the news and so am 90% of the time hopeful and upbeat, I do from time to time allow the current to predict my future and that can spiral me down for a day or two, and then I WAKE UP.

We are taught to fear mainly to protect ourselves, but it can become overblown. And it has. We are afraid of the flu, foreigners, being fired, the weather, bugs, the sun, being in a wreck, gaining weight, getting cancer, being alone, being in a relationship, trying something new and the list goes on.

I am not childhood developmental expert but it seems there is a good time to explain caution and courage and then turn off the news. Being fearful isn’t always a problem for most people because they expect those things to happen to them, so it is not big deal when they do. I have not had the flu in over 10 years. And I don’t get a flu shot. I am not afraid of getting it and don’t even wash my hands that much. I just don’t think about getting sick. I don’t have allergies nor do I get colds (okay maybe one in the past three years). I also camp alone, walk in the dark and sometimes forget to lock my front door, oh and I don’t have an alarm system on my house.

Careless? No, just not fearful.

Fear is a negative vibration and breeds more negatives, like the thing you feared most happening. Read Power vs. Force for more about that.

How to shift the fearful thoughts: hypnosis is a solution

Hypnosis is a tool to shift up to a broader view of their experience and better see the cause of the now negative effect. Additionally we use direct suggestion to communicate a new positive ideas, concepts and visualizations.

So if you are feeling fearful hypnosis offers a way to become courageous and embrace your life again. To live fully in the moment of NOW.

In the Meantime, Here is a Helpful Tip:

When you are focused on a fearful thought, come back to the RIGHT NOW and check to see if in THIS MOMENT you are safe, have shelter, food, and are healthy. Find something that demonstrate that RIGHT NOW there is nothing to fear. My dad used to say, “Valerie Ann, don’t borrow problems from the future, you may not live long enough to experience them.” HA! He was a man of humor but there is truth to that. Now is all we’ve got.




Tried everything else? Then Hypnosis Is the Solution For Loss of Control and Other Modern Day Problems like these:

  • Fragmented Relationships
  • Hard to Make a Decision/To Focus/Racing Thoughts
  • Dependency of Alcohol, Drugs
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Loss of Control
  • Pressure to Succeed/Make More Money
  • Exhaustion-Physical Ailments
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Lack of Creativity/Resourcefulness
  • No Personal Time
  • No Quality Time with Children/Loved Ones
  • Isolation/Avoidance

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