Happiness is much, much easier to achieve when you avoid negative people.

Hypnosis in Dallas for Happiness.

A wise guru said it was best to do the following for peaceful happiness:

  1. drink clean water
  2. make your bed
  3. spend time with your pet

Spending time with negative people is not on the list.

Why do negative people adversely affect us? From my perspective it mostly has to do with energy. Power Vs Force is a book that educates the reader on how even words thought or spoken can change our vibration from high to low.

So if words can do that, a person’s energy can do that as well.

Think about the people in your life and how you feel after spending time with them.

  • Energized?
  • Joyful?
  • Happy?
  • OR
  • Zapped?
  • Numb?
  • Upset?
  • Angry?

For the next week, try an experiment. Notice your feeling state after spending time with someone. You will need to find a way to center yourself first. Being outside for 5 minutes and doing some deep breathing can more attune you to the sometimes subtle energy flows of another person.

We can also use the subconscious to tell you YES or NO on whether a person is good or bad energy…sometimes we have that instinct hidden or shut down and we don’t even notice.

Let me know how your experiment goes, then you can decide how you want to proceed with changing your vibration or leaving the relationship.

I’m Valerie Grimes, the Happy Hypnotist in Dallas wishing you a happier and healthier life. Remember to smile.

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