Do you feel out of control?
Sometimes the more we try and control our lives the more out of control our lives become.

When did you loose control?

loss of control hypnosisIt was probably that first time you realized you were doing something out of an obligation. Wanting to be “there” but being “here” instead. Going against your will just doesn’t feel good. We don’t like it. I think we then look for ways to feel better, to create comfort like eating more, drinking more alcohol, trying harder (which is futile), adding more things to our calendar and more.

Often those ways of comforting add to our loss of control…”Now I can’t even control what I put in my mouth,” we sigh in disgust.

Attempting to bring something beyond our control back in control leads to a counter productive cycle, we can only control our perception of the situation.

The Need To Control Others

When you feel out of control and it is beyond your control, (it isn’t but it feels and looks like it) then we attempt often to try and control others and our environment in a futile attempt to bring us back to balance. This is never a good idea, because it doesn’t work.

And all of this creates tension, hopelessness, and then anxiety….and probably exhaustion.

Tension Must Be Released Or Else.

The lack of control creates tension and tension builds up and requires a release of some kind. Some people cry; others punch (please don’t); some find a creative outlet.

Those feelings will be released, do you want to do it productively or counter-productively. Here are some ideas.

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Hypnosis Is A Solution for Loss of Control

Being out of control creates a state in the body-mind that communicates stress and that leads to many maladies that are preventable. Hypnosis is an investigative tool to discover how the loss of control occurred, in a hypnotic state one can shift up to a broader view of their experience and better see the cause of the now negative effect. Additionally we use direct suggestion to communicate a new positive, healthy message to the body-mind to restore normal and natural function.

So if you are feeling hopeless hypnosis offers a tranquil and peaceful place in your mind for you to come back to your natural center. Ahhhhh.

In the Meantime, Here is a Helpful Tip:

When you are feeling out of control you can try asking yourself if you could control the situation what would you do? Doing so shifts you into the world of possibilities.




Tried everything else? Then Hypnosis Is the Solution For Loss of Control and Other Modern Day Problems like these:

  • Fragmented Relationships
  • Hard to Make a Decision/To Focus/Racing Thoughts
  • Dependency of Alcohol, Drugs
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Fear of future
  • Pressure to Succeed/Make More Money
  • Exhaustion-Physical Ailments
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Lack of Creativity/Resourcefulness
  • No Personal Time
  • No Quality Time with Children/Loved Ones
  • Isolation/Avoidance

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