Can We Skip the Part About Forgiveness And Get On To Part Where My Life Is Happy?

When clients visit me for a hypnosis session, it is usually after they have tried many other methods to relieve their emotional pain and is now ready to work on their addiction, feelings of anxiety, or low self-esteem.

Hypnosis in Dallas for Forgiveness

Our process consists of four distinct phases:

1) Discovery of Cause (Why Do I Feel This Way Emotionally?)
2) Emotional Release (Giving Voice to Express)
3) Forgiveness Process (of Self or Others)
4) Re-learning (Placement of new belief system and process for strengthening)

However, where I see progress bogging down is with the third step — the process of forgiveness to us and/or others. Most clients want to skip the part about forgiveness and just get to the part where their life changes and they can be happy.

Our hypnosis programs focus on the importance of forgiveness and gently teaches a process to achieve that state without facing the perpetrator. We use the hypnotic state and process of direct suggestion and imagery to experience true and lasting inner forgiveness.
Is that something you would like to do?