Neo Darwinism: Life is an unending war among battling biochemical robots.*

Well that is one way to look at it.

Here is another way:  life is an interconnected journey contained within our powerful bodies and expressed outwardly by individuals as part of a cooperative community.

I believe in the concept of a cooperative community and have always felt the interconnectedness of all things even if I couldn’t explain it.  Now I realize this is something called Systems Biology (the study of systems of biological components).

Our cells are like a mini humans, they operate independently as we do as a member of our society, group a bunch of cells together and you get a human (for instance), group a bunch of humans together and you get a community, that is Systems Biology.


Cell Facts:hypnosis and science

  • Cells are like mini humans, every function in our bodies is also expressed in a single cell
  • Our cells can survive on their own outside of us and they respond to that environment
  • The cell is a learning agent whose behavior and genetic activity are primarily controlled by environmental signals not genes
  • The membrane of a cell is its brain, it allows information and nutrients into the cell, the membrane is heavily influenced by our sense organs via receptor and effector proteins.

Cells can learn on their own and with top down control. They can be influenced by thoughts and our actions but they don’t have to be.  A cell can act intelligently without a brain telling it what to do.  Conversely, genes are not intelligent and are codes that need to be activated by an intelligent cell.

What this means is that we are not doomed to live out the rest of our lives repeating the same patterns or living up to our inherited traits, we can teach our cells.

Cancer that is caused by genetics is a very small percentage, I have see 6% down to less than 2% of the cases. While we all might have genes that predispose us to cancer, that gene is not activated until something in the environment triggers it. In other words, it is not the emergent property of the gene but the environmental signal that activates the expression of the gene. So control your environment (diet, exercise, sleep, toxins, stress) and improve your chances that gene lies dormant.



Why this works: Epigenetics and Single Transduction

If you are visual you see it, if you aren’t visual you imagine it but either way you find a creative way to see your current problem in a new way. If you got the 23&Me results that showed you were predisposed to something deadly and now you can’t stop thinking about it.  Create a quiet space each day and create images of you as you are now healthy, energized, mobile, fit, clear-minded, etc.  Go to a “healing room” in your mind and spend time experiencing your healthy self in this room.

Let’s talk or meet soon. To discuss the concept of that inner cooperative community.

This article is from the Valerie Grimes archives and is one in a series to be featured over the next six weeks connecting hypnosis and biology. In a way…A ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ SPECIAL.