When “that extra weight” is important to getting where you want to go.

Hypnotist Valerie Grimes, shares her adventure in learning on a recent camping trip.

This is the story of an aluminum canoe, a windy day and a 110# person paddling into the head wind. You might think the result would most likely be just an attempt to get across the lake…just an attempt.

IMG_4107However with extra weight, another person, or camping gear, paddling into the wind and getting across the lake is possible.

Purtis Creek State Park in Eustace Texas is about 60 miles southeast of Dallas and was my quick escape route on a warm January Friday morning.   I had not made reservations so when I arrived only the primitive camp spots where available. This was not what I had hoped for—I wanted the ease of just driving up to the spot.   But more than that I wanted to be under the stars and in the fresh air. So I agreed to take a spot near the lake for two nights. Now the question was how to get “my stuff” over there. It was 7/10 of a mile one-way to the spot and I did not have my overnight backpack, it would have taken three trips in my estimation, with bulky stuff.

That is when I spotted the canoes. I parked my car and rented a canoe, loaded it up and paddled against the wind (it was hard, but I was determined). I came ashore about 20 minutes later right at spot E. It was like a dream, being washed ashore to a place that seemed like paradise (only because I was glad to be out of the boat, it is still just a Texas state park, but my own private paradise for a few days). After unloading my gear and resting a bit, it was time to take the canoe back and get my car.

IMG_4108Well, guess what? Without my gear it was impossible to make it back across. I tried like heck, paddling harder than ever, but did not have the weight to keep the canoe on course.

That is when it occurred to me that extra weight can be important in getting where you want to go in life. I go camping regularly to evaluate any mental or emotional weight that I am carrying and to release it, to give it to the earth by letting the wind carry it away, or the camp fire burn it or just simply saying, “I’m done with that thought.”

It is important to our growth and evolution to being happier beings, to appreciate how our burdens can be blessings when we choose to see them that way. That our extra weight,

“got us to where we are now.”

I also realized I needed help to get the boat back as the wind had not died down. Something I don’t do well, ask for help. So, I bucked up and did, a fellow camper named Steve was happy to help and we got that boat back easily.

My extra weight and then the lack of it helped me evolve just every so slightly in asking for help. I don’t have to do everything by myself. And even though I like my solo camp experiences, I am ready again to find that just right camping partner to make the trip more of a learning experience, and perhaps with a little less weight on me.

What extra weight or burdens can you see as a blessing? If you are ready to release and move up a level in your evolution to being a happier being, give me a call, I’ll help you and it is okay to ask for help. Contact us.