It took about 10 years since I first became aware of a thing called Mindfulness to hear the word Mindfulness in the news media. And that is terrific because it is an indication of a positive shift in the consciousness of these “united states”. And maybe hypnosis is next in line to be a normal term used in a positive way on the news. (I’m working on that).

The buzz around mindfulness has a lot of my new clients asking me what the difference is between it and hypnosis.

First think of hypnosis is the quickest route to mindfulness. But then you really need mindfulness (or present centered awareness) to get into a hypnotic state, at least the way I do it at The Flow Center. So which comes first? There really isn’t an order or distinction, it spontaneously occurs at some point during the induction (getting a person into a hypnotic state). Becoming aware of the sensations (being mindful, practicing mindfulness) as one is transitioning from Beta to Alpha is key to journeying into one’s inner mind. The subject needs to both be aware and then unaware. It is hard to explain, but wonderful to experience.

I believe being in a hypnotic state helps the person to be more mindful of their outer world and their place in it. Clients grasp the concept of a bigger picture, of a sense of interconnectedness and also a reclaiming of their own inner power to manage through the ups and downs of life without throwing in the towel. Mindfulness is knowing what is going on but responding to it in a chosen way.

Hypnosis is

·      a relaxed natural state of mind

·      a heightened state of awareness/suggestibility

·      a heightened attention span (narrowing of the perceptual fields)

·      a deep state of relaxation

Millions of Americans are affected negativity by the effects of stress and this limits their ability to live the lives they envisioned. However mindfulness can change the response to stress. What I have witnessed is that at some point in one’s hypnosis sessions the person becomes more mindful and this seems to be a quality that stays. I don’t think one can be mindful and then go back to being clueless. So you can say that hypnosis produces an innate mindfulness in people (as long as that is something they perceive as a benefit to them-it’s mindfulness, not mindlessness).

At the Flow Center for Hypnosis we do much more than just hypnosis such as mindfulness meditation training including relaxation exercises separate from hypnosis. We create unique programs to fit our unique clients so they can resolve inner conflict and moving forward in life in a wonderfully mindful way. Contact Us.

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