Changing your perspective on events creates a happier experience.

Let’s say you decided to go to the park for a much need walk and some fresh air, but when you arrived the grounds crew was there mowing and using those “handy” leaf blowers.

You have a choice, you can either focus on the intrusion on your down town and complain about the noise and the fumes from the equipment, OR

You can focus on the colors, the breeze, the way your body is moving, the plants, animals, inspects and other people that are there.

Hopefully it is the later which brings a smile and you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Shifting perspective is a great way to bring happiness and when you consider happiness leads to better health and opportunity then it is the easier choice.

What is your perspective on traffic? You can also choose to see it as an annoyance or a way to see abundance. I often think about each person in each car as the part of the machine that make our city work. Or if you are in sales you can see each person as a potential customer. Consider shifting the idea to something of benefit to you. If you are a dentist there are a lot of teeth around you, if you are mechanic there are a lot of cars that might need repair, I think you get what I’m saying.

Hypnosis is used to help people get to that still and quiet place within where perspective shifting becomes effortless, then we lock that new view in so that the old negative concepts are replaced my the new positive ones. And then we don’t get into those grumpy moods.