The Flow Center.  The Place for Hypnosis in Dallas.
Feeling low on energy, unhappy, uncertain? Want to be healthier and happier but don’t know how? Hypnosis in Dallas is how. Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to stop unhealthy habits, connect with your life purpose, improve your mood and more.


If you are feeling stuck, this is the place to let go and flow.”

Whether your goal is to stop depression, lose weightquit drinking alcohol, reduce stress and anxiety overcome fears,  be happier or find your life purpose after 50, you can achieve your goal at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. We also have a section For Men Only.

Hypnosis and Biology Series : Did You Now Your Cells Can Learn, What Are You Teaching Them?

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What habits are getting in your way?

Unhealthy Habits

Weight gain, smoking or dipping, anger bursts, or anxious feelings.


Behaviors like these are driven by a strong emotion. Normally the behavior is an attempt to feel better. It is actually a negative form of hypnosis. You’ve been hypnotized to “eat more cookies” because you need to feel better about something. But the wires are just crossed and through hypnosis we can re-route them and have you back to your natural ability to feel good without unhealthy habits. Then you are free to drop some weight, gain lung capacity, and feel calm and clear-minded.
“A stressful situation equaled a headache. I knew I needed to learn to relax. After only two sessions my headaches are nearly gone.”
– D.S.,Dallas

What is my life purpose?

Life Purpose

Empty Nest, Retired, Divorced, Widowed? These are all events that lead us to question our purpose for the next stage of our life.


The answer to your purpose is discovered in the process of reconnecting to your True Self – The part of you that you left behind to have a career, a family or relationship. With hypnosis we assist you in creating a new personal philosophy so you can be purposeful, vibrant and happy to be alive.

“I learned what was holding me back from successfully attaining my goals.”
-J.M. – Addison

Drink too much again last night?

Alcohol Dependent?

Discover how with hypnosis you can be satisfied with just one drink.


If you have been drinking too much for a while now perhaps you don’t remember how it feels to be in control. By getting to the underlying causes of the alcohol overuse you can release the need to drink. And regain control to decide how much and when. With that personal control you could improve relationships, get your career back on track, recover your financial condition, and reclaim your health.
“I came for help with either reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. Not only were we able to accomplish this, her sessions and recordings have provided motivation, stress management, increased focus and general balance in all aspects of life.”
-C.W., Dallas