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Feeling low on energy, unhappy, uncertain? Want to be healthier and happier but don’t know how? Hypnosis is how.

Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to stop depression, lose weight, gain control over quit drinking alcohol, reduce stress and anxiety or overcome fears, or find your life purpose after 50, you can achieve your goal easily at The Flow Center for Hypnosis. We also have services For Men Only.


At The Flow Center we break down Hypnosis as Hip-Gnosis. Hip-Modern and Gnosis means knowledge. You have the knowledge to create change in your life right now. But it is buried deep in the unconscious. Would you like to connect with your own best goal striving mechanism? Hypnosis for the Modern World is a concept that combines neuroscience with centuries old hypnotic practices to assist you with the pressure of living in the 21st century.

Hip Gnosis Blog

Being and Feeling Vital in the Modern World

Being and Feeling Vital In The Modern World When you are seeking a better understanding of something one usually doesn’t have to look far to find new insights. This was what I experienced when I wanted to gain perspective on aging. April 2nd my mom, Patti, celebrated her 79th birthday with me at Possum Kingdom […]


April 5, 2017

Hypnosis Calms Anxiety In The Modern World

HAS THE MODERN WORLD LEFT YOU FEELING ANXIOUS?  Is It All The Technology? Hypnosis can calm anxiety. “The reason we know smart phones and other technology makes people anxious is a trend we are seeing with our clients,” stated Valerie Grimes, director at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. She continues, “We are seeing […]


February 5, 2017

Parents are Genetic Engineers

Parents can affect the genes of their child after birth. And you can affect your genes after your parent. If we look back at the first article on Epigenetics where I made the point that it is our environment that influences much of us rather than Darwinism theories and or one’s hard wire belief in […]


September 14, 2016

Your Cell’s Growth Potential

Take Advantage of Your Cell’s Growth Potential. Use Hypnosis. My sister the science writer refers to cells as “learning agents” and I’m going to adopt that phrase (thank you VN Alexander).   Right now, what are your cells learning?  It depends on what is being communicated from the top down (your brain and the cells own […]


September 7, 2016

Our Cells Can Learn.

Hypnosis is Your Cell’s Teacher. What are you teaching your cells? Our cells are learning agents capable of evolving based on thoughts and environment as research from the past several decades has proven. That is good news and means we have the choice to decide how we want to respond to our environment or to […]


August 31, 2016