How To Activate Your Within with Trulicity®?

What? There is a drug for that too?

Trulicity® is actually a drug for diabetics that helps the body produce its own insulin. The company’s slogan is “Activiate Your Within” which really means this drug can activate the process in the body to produce its own insulin.

A misleading commercial for sure.

When I first saw the ad in early 2016 it was on one of the endless rows of screens facing the gym cardio folks. It was a charming ad with handsome middle aged man who looked like he was connecting with nature and developing his creativity with a nice professional camera rig…and his shot actually ended up being in a photography show at a gallery….then the tagline appears Trulicity. Activate Your Within.

I was outraged.

Great, now there is a drug to connect us to our inner potential and drive. I started imagining a sea of zombie people lined up intent that the only way they could truly be themselves was to take a drug. Then I learned today it was for diabetics. Well, why didn’t they just say so?

But I am wondering now if they are generating a desire amongst the masses to have our ‘withins” activated. That would be good for my business. Now, how to piggy back on their ad and sell someone hypnosis when they find out it is really for diabetics.

The Flow Center has a better idea, take a dose of HYPNOSIS because it works much like taking a pill. And it is a natural way to activate your POTENTIAL within.

Trulicity® is a registered trademark owned or licensed by Eli Lilly and Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates. Trulicity is available by prescription only.

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