What do you really, really like to do?
Is it because when you do it you feel happy?
And is that because you are good at it?

Do we purposefully do something to “make” us happy, or do we just gravitate towards the things that we are good at?

I’m asking a lot of questions here.

Doing something we are good at creates sense of accomplishment and that in turn elevates our mood.

What are you good at? Take stock. Have you done it lately? Schedule some time with yourself now to experience that. Or try something you have never done before and perhaps surprise yourself, that sense of accomplishment also elevates your mood.

So if you are not in a good mood then intentionally doing something that you are good to lift yourself up and out to a happier place.

I’m VG the happiness hypnotist and I’m good at hypnosis and I am happy to assist you in overcoming life’s struggles.