Hypnosis is Your Cell’s Teacher. What are you teaching your cells?

Our cells are learning agents capable of evolving based on thoughts and environment as research from the past several decades has proven.

That is good news and means we have the choice to decide how we want to respond to our environment or to be evolutionary robots.  

I met a woman at the gym who looked very downtrodden and so I smiled and said hello.  She asked what I was so happy about, she was going in for her test results and she “knew they would be bad, she knew that it was cancer and she wasn’t surprised because her mother had it, I’m doomed.”

Well yes, with thinking like that I thought.  I let her know that she was capable of turning around every aspect of her life, even a diagnosis of cancer. And that because she was already assuming she had it her body was accepting that idea.  She really didn’t even have the right information yet.  In the end she thanked me and looked more hopeful.  Hopefully enough of a shift to get her mind right.

We always have had a choice.

But our beliefs (our early human training) has drilled into us that we are incapable of overcoming our genetic imprints so we no longer realize we have the ability to alter our DNA and our lives with our thoughts.  Consider Quantum Physics a science that questions Newtonian physics and portends energy fields are influential in controlling our physiology and our health.  Energy fields like thought.

Newtonian  (linear view) Vs. Quantum Physics (holistic view)

Conventional biologists are reductionists taking a cell apart to find the understanding, this is a linear flow approach and states that if a problem exists it can be traced to one source (this is the basis for prescription drugs). However from the Quantum physics perspective all things are an integration of interdependent energy fields like with holistic modalities such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

When you are thinking of only one piece of the puzzle there isn’t consideration of the effects on the rest of the organism which is why where are so many side effects from prescription drugs, the last study I show reported 300,000 Iatrogenic deaths per year (death caused by the side effects).

Historically most of the medical community dismisses the idea that the physical body (matter) can be influenced by the mind (energy) however quantum physics argues that idea quite well. Energy is a more efficient means of effecting matter than chemicals; just think of the sound of Ella Fitzgerald’s voice and how it shatters a crystal goblet.

Your thoughts are things, be careful what you think, you may just get it.

Attitude adjustment, big picture focus

Compare our current attitude, thoughts, and actions on a daily basis to those that you desire to have. Make two columns on the left right the current behavior on the right the new desired one. Here is an example:

Me Right Now                      Me Tomorrow

  • Easily Angered                     Aware of anger, makes new choice so I’m in control
  • Eat too fast                          Eats slowly and enjoys meal, each and every bite
  • Lazy                                     Loves to find new ways to move body

 Your thoughts are things, be careful what you think, you may just get it.

Let’s meet soon to discuss what you are thinking vs what you want to think.

This article is from the Valerie Grimes archives and is one in a series to be featured over the next six weeks connecting hypnosis and biology. In a way…A ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ SPECIAL.