Can you use hypnosis or self-hypnosis to create a happier mood?

How can excited anticipation create a happier mood?

Are you ready to feel a little happier?

Remember the feeling of being a child and anticipating the end of the school day, the start of a weekend, or an upcoming holiday?

I like to think of that as Excited Anticipation. And, it feels good. Makes us feel happy. As adults I believe we can become immune to this feeling. We tend to see excitement of the event but focus on the responsibilities around it. The weekends are great, but we also have to grocery shop, mow grass, maintain our home, car, etc. So while we look forward to the weekend, the reality of our duties zaps our excitement. But, it doesn’t have to.

hypnosis for happier moodHypnosis and Self-Hypnosis helps you easily shift your perspective, so you can be a responsible adult but more enjoy those tasks. To find excitement in the little things in life. I’m not sure what those are for you, but in hypnosis you can easily connect to them using your imagination and desire to feel better.

Hypnosis can be a self imposed state, self-hypnosis, wherein you access some past memories when you felt that excited anticipation…and decide, I like this feeling and then allow it to be more of your daily experience.

If you need help with that, I know a terrific hypnotist. I’ll wait in excited anticipation for your call or email.  And, did I tell you we SKYPE if you out of the Dallas area. I’m Valerie Grimes, the happiness hypnotist 972-974-2094, your first 30 minutes with me is complimentary.