How Hypnosis Works

how to remove obstacles in life

Do you have a goal to meet or a habit to break but seem to work real hard make it happen? This means your unconscious belief about doesn’t line up with your conscious one. This is why it is so hard and seemingly impossible.

You see, years of consistent negative messages created this. We are all exposed, since birth and lacking the critical factor of the brain to determine for our selves what is best we accept unknowingly this information. And this determines who we are and how we fit into the world, even if it wasn’t true.

Ready To Flow From Ideas To Reality?

We combine centuries old hypnotic practices with modern day neuroscience to create new beliefs that led to new responses, by the way this is the method the current self-defeating belief system got fixed in the mind. We just apply it for positive purposes.

While we are a place of calmness, compassion, and clarity our seasoned hypnotists with tons of life experience courageously ask those hard questions. So, if you are truly ready to flow, let’s go. Your new personal reality awaits you.

Understanding Hypnosis And A Brief History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a highly relaxed and natural state of mind. The client is totally aware of what is being said and what their responses are. When in this state, the subconscious mind is able to receive new confidence-building statements that can assist them in defeating old habits. When awakening from the hypnotic state, the client feels as though they’ve napped and are refreshed.

It is most often used to help clients stop smoking, lose weight, find lost items, build confidence, reduce anxiety, control pain, achieve relaxation preceding surgery, study for a test, or eliminate an old habit or frustrating behavior.

In order to achieve these goals, the mind and body must be in a relaxed state for the subconscious mind to be suggestible. Hypnosis is used to by-pass the censorship of the conscious mind. Hypnosis works through persistent pursuit and continuous reinforcement of a new, positive belief until it becomes fixed in the subconscious mind. When under hypnosis, you remain true to yourself no matter how deeply hypnotized and can decide how you want to respond or participate.

The art of hypnosis dates back to the 18th century when Franz Mesmer practiced it through a process he called Animal Magnetism. Dr. John Braid coined the phrase hypnosis in the 1840s.

In 1949, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis was founded it was expanded internationally 10 years later.

The American Medical Association recognized hypnosis as a legitimate treatment method in both medicine and dentistry in 1958.

In 1977 the U.S. Department of Labor added Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

An article in the October 6, 2003 issue of The Wall Street Journal, states:

“….leading major hospitals use hypnosis to help relieve pain and speed recovery in a variety of illnesses and at the University of North Carolina hypnosis is transforming the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome by using the patients minds to quiet their unruly guts.” It goes on to say, “…several hospitals associated with Harvard Medical School are using hypnosis to speed up post-surgical recovery time. Harvard research reports hypnosis quickened the typical healing time of bone fractures by several weeks. Why hypnosis works on some and not others has to do with their own willingness to be open minded and to suspend logic and be open to the process.”

Make Sense? Need more info?

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