I am enjoying all the hype about how our beliefs are in our subconscious. But it isn’t really hype it is true. Many books discuss the importance of making changes at a subconscious level. And some have some methods for doing so, but none can get to this part of your brain faster than hypnosis and that is what I do.

Are you thinking of hypnosis as magic or mind control or a hoax? Hope not, but if so, you might want to read up on the latest scientific reports more specifically the research in the neural sciences. That research supports what I have known all along—the brain can make new connections that affect behavior.  The grandfather of hypnosis, James Braid knew this way back in 1891.

All of your behaviors come from the subconscious…if you do not appreciate some of those behaviors, we can change that. So if fear has you stuck or if you are experiencing sadness, anxiety, or anger remember this: Life is not meant to be a struggle.

I believe everyone possesses the ability to be hypnotized, if the motivation to do so is strong. Consider hypnosis, it is a rapid, effective and affordable option with lasting results. I know I was a client in 2001.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of inner concentration, and has been extensively researched and found to have positive benefits. “Hypnosis works and the empirical support is unequivocal in that regard. It really does help people,” says Michael Yapko, PhD, a psychologist and fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.*

Fully conscious and alert, hypnotized persons are able to focus on those issues that have confined them and been roadblocks to their success. Hypnosis allows them to focus on thought, memory, feeling and sensation while blocking out distractions.

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