HAS THE MODERN WORLD LEFT YOU FEELING ANXIOUS?  Is It All The Technology? Hypnosis can calm anxiety.

hypnosis calm anxiety modern world“The reason we know smart phones and other technology makes people anxious is a trend we are seeing with our clients,” stated Valerie Grimes, director at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. She continues, “We are seeing more and more clients in their 20s and 30s complaining of anxiety while we try and pry their smart phone out of their clenched hands so we can focus on helping them.” Here is how Hypnosis Calms Anxiety From The Modern World.

During the consultation they often tell us about problems in their relationship, usually misconstrued texts or Facebook posts that create jealously. Sometimes we hear how the husband spends his time after work playing video games and not helping out, men talk about the lack of sex because, “She is always on the laptop.” And they are not necessarily communicating this in a concise well spoken manner but in a rather discursive way with lots of fidgeting and eye movement and then I ask how I can help them and they say, “I have lots of anxiety, I have panic attacks, I may even be depressed, or be ADD.” They are distracted and reactionary, which creates feelings of anxiousness.

How technology creates anxiety

I have a theory that smart phones make us less instinctual. If we are distracted from the reality of the world, what does that do to one’s personality, our relating skills, our empathy, our ability to think critically, to debate, to create, to share ideas?

The use of a personal devices like smart phones, laptops and tablets at night shifts our circadian clocks and suppresses release of melatonin (1); which negativity effects sleep and makes us irritable and not able to think clearly or creatively. Besides, quite simply, the brain is not designed to receive a constant stream of information, and if we do not use our brains as intended there is usually a break down. It is no different than not charging the battery on a phone and expecting it to still work.

Now there are positive aspects of technology and in some ways we have become more connected to people through social media, but is that a true connection or a place to rant and rave? The intent of this article is to focus on the problems associated with the over use and misuse of smart phones and similar devices, the same way someone would over use alcohol, or over eat.

There are not any recent studies specifically about smart phones, but there is research on the effects of video game play. The American Medical Association (AMA) has not established addiction to video games as a psychiatric disorder, but psychiatrists warn those persons could become pathological and unable to operate in society. (3)

Are video games really different from the hand held devices that command our attention? The effects of smart phones on the physical, mental, emotional levels depends on whether it is short term or long term like the effect of drinking one soda infrequently vs. drinking one every day for 10 year. (2)

The new addiction

Addiction is defined by whether or not a person can go for a determined about of time without the substance/distraction and not have any side effects. So if the thought of not having your smart phone for a half day sends you into hysterics then you probably have a problem. If you are a business owner and need your phone to answer calls and to respond to email that is a different dynamic, however business hours should be maintained.

What we are concerned with is the overactive need to respond to the sublime, the true meaningless photos, videos, posts, etc. Do they really enrich our lives? Are they a substitute for TV (remember when it was called the idiot box in the 50-60s)? Is it better to have your smart phone and be entertained as you go about your day compared to just sitting on the couch watching TV and not getting out?

How hypnosis helps

In our work to help people overcome a behavior we ask, “is it a problem?” If you are not making friends, if you have a hard time getting along, lack of communication holds you back from getting a new job, you are sad, feel anxious, or lonely, if your health is failing, is your family complaining, do your children seem lonely or feel left out? These are problems. Is the phone to blame? When it comes to alcoholism, is the booze to blame? It is the reason someone distracts with the phone that is the problem. You see the underlying issue is still there and when you add the nonstop flow of information to the brain, you have a recipe for being anxious.

If you are using your phone in this way and you still feel anxious then it is time to get to the source of the problem. Old hurts, feelings of guilt, shame, jealousy, hatred, anxiety and resentment drive us to distract and those feelings unexpressed can lead to panic attacks or depression.

Hypnosis occurs in a state of trance but you can also think of that as a state of focused attention, a narrowing down of concentration. Concentrating on finding the solution. It is surprisingly easy in this state of mind, which is no different than the state we are in when we are brainstorming, or going for a walk (that is when the insight comes) or even using our devices.

In hypnosis we connect people to their unique abilities and thought processes and creativity to solve the issue. Then we reduce the compulsion to be so attached to the distraction, and we can activate ones innate ability to communicate with others in a meaningful and fulfilling way. And this creates happier and healthier humans. And calmer people too.

We use technology to help our clients too. Hypnosis mp3s sent via Dropbox ® to their device. We just ask that they put it on airplane mode before listening.

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Valerie Grimes is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist at The Flow Center in Dallas you can reach her at 972-974-2094. Or email her.