Hypnosis for Fragmented Relationships

Is fragmented communication ruining your relationship?

hypnosis for relationship issues
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Relationships are hard enough.

Don’t make it more challenging by adding ways that fragment the communication such as smart phone usage during key connection times such as dinner and driving, or relaxing on the couch at the end of the day.

Here is A Helpful Tip: Create the 15-minute no phone zone

Use that time to focus on each other without interruption. Silence the phones. Establish some guidelines such as equal sharing, quality listening/hearing, I wouldn’t suggest using this time to work on an issue, keep it light and make it fun. Maybe extend to 20 minutes or more. This should be a daily practice. More Tips.

Valerie Grimes, hypnotist explains, “I feel the annoyance with smart phones creeping into our most precious space our relationship is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ with most faltering partnerships. Hypnosis is a way to change that subconscious, habitual behavior.”

Christine and I fell in love again last year after 38 years of marriage. We are so ‘connected’ now and we know that it will be this way for the rest of our lives. Dennis, Irving TX

In addition it works to repair and restore the good in the relationship. Bringing the couple back together in a stronger more loving way then they were originally.



  • Neutralize feelings of anger and fear from the past so they don’t interfere in the present
  • Increase independence and trust in your relationship
  • Restoring trust in the relationship
  • Increase your feelings of security and boost your self-confidence
  • Stop nagging, criticizing and complaining or effectively deal with those who behave in these ways
  • Stop expecting perfection
  • Get over a past relationship and feel more optimistic about future relationships
  • Leave a bad or unhealthy relationship


  • Overcome fear of commitment and make good judgments about when to commit in a relationship
  • Get over an old relationship
  • Choose, attract and date quality people
  • Overcome shyness and radiate self-confidence

Syd Straw “all things change when you change yourself”

Whether single or married, hypnosis benefits the dating/relationship process naturally and effortlessly. Call 972-974-2094 or Contact Us.

Hypnosis For Fragmented Relationships and Other Modern Day Problems

  • Sadness
  • Hard to Make a Decision/To Focus/Racing Thoughts
  • Dependency of Alcohol, Drugs
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Fear of future
  • Loss of Control/Hopelessness
  • Pressure to Succeed/Make More Money
  • Exhaustion-Physical Ailments
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Isolation
  • Lack of Creativity/Resourcefulness
  • No Personal Time
  • No Quality Time with Children/Loved Ones