Valerie Grimes, hypnotist at The Flow Center  presents a new video series that answers the question,
“what does hypnosis help with” by presenting actual issue the clients are coming in to resolve.

This first installation reveals how hypnosis works with a disorder called ‘MISPHONIA’, the hatred of certain sounds.

In my opinion, this is classic conditioning wherein a sounds such as chewing became a source of anger and frustration for the client. Our solution was to dissolve the underlying anger and frustration and also to give the suggestion that those once annoying sounds simply faded in the background and were unimportant.

After session one the client reported on the next visit that dinner time has been more pleasant. I recorded the next session in order to reinforce the new preferred responses.

Next week we will look at how we helped a 13 year old to SLOW DOWN and eat slowing and enjoy food more.

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