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Workshops That Truly Create Lasting Change…
…because they get down to the subconscious level.

can hypnosis help me be calm

  • What changes if you could increase your employee’s productivity?
  • How would your customers benefit from more goal striving employees?
  • What would be the benefit of a healthier staff?
  • What is the added value to having a calmer work environment?
  • Would you agree attitude is everything?

On-site lectures and workshops presented by Clinical Hypnotist Valerie Grimes.

*Time length 30 to 60 min, complementary talks*

creating healthier employees

-Creating Happier and Healthier Employees

-Goodbye Stress and Anxiety, Goodbye

-How To Change The Alcohol Recovery Rate

-Hypnosis for Sleep Restoration

-How to Be Your True Best Self Now and in the Future

creating healthier employees

-Be a Fearless Salesperson

Developing More Focused Employees = Productivity

-What Hypnosis Is and What It Isn’t and How to Hypnotize Your Self

Why We Resist What’s Good and How Hypnosis Helps Us Break Through.

-Hypnosis an Alternative to Treat PTSD

-Hypnosis to Manage Pain When Other Methods Fail

creating healthy employees

Time length 60 min to 6 week series (fee paid).

-New Year Restore and Reset– 1 hour
Is the fear of the unknown and the events of the past affecting your right now?

-Restoring Nurse’s Resiliency 6 week series

-How to Release the Blocks to Wealth 3 hour workshopcreating healthier employees

Stress Management for Health Care Workers 3 hour workshop

-Use Hypnosis to Become a Fearless Salesperson 6 week series

-Creating Healthier and Focused Employees 1/2 day workshop

These hypnosis workshops are presented onsite and can be tailored to your needs.  We will make a proposal to you based on your objectives and number of attendees.  Hypnosis will be explained and utilized during these presentations.

Call 972-974-2094 to discuss your requirements, or send email through our contact page.
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Valerie Grimes hypnotist in dallasPresenter:
Valerie Grimes, CHt
Director, The Flow Center
Clinical Hypnotist
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Whether I am presenting on how to sell more life insurance policies, changing a response to stressful situation, creating a new habit of drinking water rather than soda, or being more organized and focused. It is really all about the FLOW.If someone isn’t performing at their best they are stuck, they are not flowing. These workshops are tailored to teach rapidly an understanding of the subconscious (The unconscious mind holds all our beliefs and we act from those, positive or negative) and then employ tools for permanent lasting changes.


Why my workshops are different-

As a hypnotist I can effect behavioral change by working at a subconscious level, plus, I can locate and remove obstacles so the conscious intent is realized. Additional techniques are the GIFT program: Goal Image Focusing Technique in combination with my Elective Direct Suggestion Process.

Since 2002 I have worked at the mental, emotional, and physical levels to improve a person’s health and wellness.


Exxon Mobil


Beal Bank

Time Warner Cable

DeVry Institute

Kaner Medical Group


Texas Health – formerly Gilda’s Club

Why Onsite?

As a progressive company concerned with health of employees you understand that most adults spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else. This makes your office setting a prime venue for promoting healthy habits.

The worksite organizational culture and environment are powerful influences on behavior and this needs to be put to use as a means of assisting employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits to employees

  • Increased stamina/productivity
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem

Employers also benefit

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Improved employee relations and morale
  • Increased productivity

Why it’s hard to change.

I conducted two surveys to find the obstacles behind a person starting and sticking to a regular program of exercise. Sampling was based on 1000 individuals in 2 separate groups. Note: these scores don’t equal 100 because they could choose multiple reasons.

group one

  • Lack of motivation 55%
  • Lack of time 44%
  • Convenience and “can’t stay on a diet both had 33% responses

group two

  • Lack of motivation at 43%
  • Lack of Time 52%
  • Cost and “can’t stay on a diet” were 39% each

When asked why being physically fit was important, the most popular reasons again were;

  • Longer, healthier life 79%
  • Have more energy, feel better 52%


Healthcare Costs and Notions of Overall Wellness Drive the Consumer Health Mindset

“In our study findings, five of the top six challenges to healthcare in American focus on cost- driven partly by personal experience and partly by the media’s constant conversation. Whatever the reason, healthcare costs are a driving force in healthcare in America. An additional driving force is the notion of overall, or holistic, wellness – including the mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of health. When asked to rate the importance of specific elements to maintaining health, factors within these dimensions ranked higher than diet/nutrition and exercise.


We will make a proposal to you based on your objectives and number of attendees. Hypnosis will be explained and utilized during these presentations. Call 972-974-2094 to discuss your requirements, or send email through our contact page.
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